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About Us

Marteka (Teka), LMT, BA


Teka was born and raised in the southern states, spending her early years in Orlando Florida, and the majority of her life in South Carolina. She has been living out west for about 6 years, but her southern cultural values remain heavily prominent in her life, being raised on the principles of respect, hard work, spirituality, and community. 


Upon turning 18 years old, she joined the United States Air Force, as an Aircraft Armament Systems Specialist. To be put shortly, she loaded bombs, missiles, and decoys on various fighter aircraft, as well as aircraft maintenance for a total of six years. Upon her arrival in Arizona in 2008, she enrolled in Arizona School of Massage Therapy,  completing 815 hours of Eastern and Western therapeutic modalities, and has been practicing for 5 years now. While practicing massage, she finished her Bachelors Degree in Psychology from Arizona State University, but decided to continue her duties and service as a massage therapist!


She is proficent in various relaxation and therapeutic modalities to include Deep Tissue, Therapeutic, Corrective/Balancing Therapies,  injury and recovery massage protocol, prenatal, and Lymphatic Drainage/Oncology Massage.


Teka is insured, has maintained her license and has continued her education with coursework from the following:


  • Healing Arts Connection Continuing Education Center

  • Diverse Massage and Bodywork Seminars

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